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Why Buy Build Fix?

Buying a home is the largest and most emotional investment most people will face. Our professionals will empower you with correct information for your circumstances. We teach you how to

– Carefully evaluate finances
– Find the right location
– Determine the right house for you

You don’t have to know everything to get started. That’s why we’re here! Your Buy Build Fix agent is ready to help you through every step.
Your needs always come first. At Buy Build fix, we provide the service we agree to, in the ways that work for you, whether once a week, once a day, by phone, email or text message. That’s how we’ll do it. You’ll always be kept in the loop because we are here to save you TIME AND MONEY!



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Empowerment Videos


Short 3-5 minute clips that are loaded with Straightforward, Unbiased, Information that will EMPOWER each viewer with fundamental information specific to each, service, or project. Knowledge is Power and Time is Money! We strive to save you time by providing FREE information all at your fingertips.
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Written insight that you can print off, mark up, and file away as a future reference. Much of the PDF material is covered in the EMPOWERMENT VIDEOS, However we do realize the need for printable, tangible, content that you can take with you as a reference. Gallileo said it “All Things are easy to understand once they are discovered,…The point is to discover them!”
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Step by step instructions, questions, and explinations of what to know before requesting a bid from a subcontractor. It litterally line items each item, so bids are apples to apples and you can know exactly what is included in the bid, and more importanly…What’s NOT! These lists are specific to each category and tailored to enhance both the contractor’s and consumer’s experience. When we are all on the same page…That’s the only page we need to talk about!
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Empowerment videos

3-5 minute clips that empower the consumer!

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Upcoming events

Join us at special Events throughout Utah!

Empowerment Documents

Printable content to read, mark, add to, etc.

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Examples and stories

Read through “learning experiences” from other consumers.

Community Forum

Share your experiences with others.


Bid Lists

Lists that allow you to literally be on the same page.