Building a home?

Thinking of Building a home?

There are many reasons to build new rather than buy an existing home. Do you already have the right location in mind and just need to add the perfect home? Some clients want a personal touch, and others want to have the peace of mind that they’re not inheriting problems. We can teach you the things to consider when building new, and help you evaluate whether it’s the best option vs buying a home already on the market.

Here are five criteria to consider when deciding whether to buy and existing home or build new. Can you find a home, already on the market, that:

-Has a floor plan that you love
-Has coloring and features that suit your tastes
-Is in good condition, well maintained, with no major repair or remodeling needs
-Is at the right location
-Is for the right price

If you can find an existing home that comfortably meets these requirements, you may reduce your risk buy buying new. Risks include time for the home to be move-in ready, interest rate locks, costs of landscaping, fences, etc. If you can find a home that is satisfactory in all five areas, buy it!

Often we see clients who find the perfect home but the price is way above market value, compared to building new. Only you can decide where your satisfaction lies and if you require a more personal touch, or you want everything to your specifications, building is the way to go.

If you’ve decided to build, the next section outlines five steps to save time, money, and stress. These steps will help you become more familiar with the building process.



If you’re not familiar with the building or buying process, consult one of our real estate professionals. They’ll answer all your quesitons and get you on the right track with no obligation.
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Get pre-qualified with one our lenders. They are helpful, informative, and can pre-qualify you over the phone with no obligation.
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Location is key and our real estate experts will already have an idea of available land, prices, and options.
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Bring your own design or search through our portfolio of designs for a floor plan that will complete your idea of the perfect home.
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Builder – From the most imporant structures and features to items on your wish list, our builders will offer advice on how to maximize your build for effectiveness and price.
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