Building Phase (Phase 2)

The Building Phase (Phase II)

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CONGRATULATIONS in choosing to build your new home. This phase includes the building time from the issuing of your building permit to the issuing of your occupancy permit. This is a fun and exciting time and your agent will do all we can to keep you informed and updated. In this phase you will continue to work closely with your Sales Representative and now with the builders Representative or Superintendent. But mostly, during this phase, you will simply watch and be updated and informed by your Builder and Agent. It’s IMPORTANT that you now take a moment and review your specific  Schedule, Plans, Plot Plan, Color Specification Sheet, Change Order(s), Work Equity Addendum, Fireplace Addendum, and all other Docs and Photos – as these are what the builder will be building from and which orders are already happening. SHOULD YOU SEE ANY PROBLEMS, please call Builder/your sales representative immediately.

At this point each sub-contractor has already been notified of your upcoming job, their allowable time lines and specifications. They are currently gearing up, ordering and scheduling things to see that your home is completed within the time line. HOWEVER, it is important that you realize this time line is APPROXIMATE to help avoid buyer-scheduling frustration. Expect delays to an extent.  Rescheduling is inevitable and you must understand that this is all part of the building process, the ending date rarely changes more than a couple of weeks one way or the other. That’s what you need to look at, instead of every day! But, more important than timing is for your new home to be built right! And if it takes a little longer to do it right, you’ll be glad you waited.

A GOOD HOME BUYER: If you have any questions or concerns about your new home feel free to contact your Sales Representative, any of the Office Staff, or your  Superintendents. Since building a home is a highly customized project your feedback is important to us to help meet your needs in providing the high quality of service you expect.

CHANGE ORDERS: If your home is a custom home and the builder is willing to make any changes. You must understand that any changes now may cause significant delays, costs, ripple effects, and buyer frustration. We have found that generally when mistakes are made, it is usually when there are changes made during the process. Always evaluate the change, if it is something you really want and are unsatisfied with. More than not, I have seen buyers do change orders on change orders and end up with their original color/design.

LASTLY, we hope you’ll sit back, relax and enjoy the building process of your new home because we are by your side.

– Buy Build Fix Real Estate

(content provided by James Patterson)

Pre- Construction- (Phase I)

Pre-Construction Phase (Phase I)

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Pre-Construction Phase or start up phase is the time you will work most closely with your Sales Representative in choosing your location/lot, floor plan, options (on a Price Work-up Sheet) and any buyer allowances. This is when you will write up an Earnest Money Contract to secure your lot giving you time to work out the details. Once the price is confirmed, your Sales Representative will assist you in writing up all other pertinent Real Estate Contracts (per the Document Receipt), draw or modify house plans, plot plans, fill out your Color Selection Sheet and other required paperwork getting you ready for the 2nd phase of your construction process. Your Sales Representative will also assist you in receiving loan approval with a trained and experienced financial professionals that make financing easy.

They will assist you in

• Making sure you are qualified, instead of having unreliable commitments.
• Quick start, qualifying you the same day, which enables us to start immediately.
• Best interest rates and programs available as they have access to all loan programs available.
• Priority in all your financing needs and in making things happen when you need to and so that you can close in a timely manner.

Again, your Sales Representative (along with the builder’s staff and draftsman) will work closely with you in making the Pre-Construction Phase an easy and fun process and in getting all necessary documents ready for the Startup Packet for submittal to engineering/city and for scanning doc’s on our portal.

This Startup Packet will most likely include:

1. Signed Plan sets – Large & small sets
2. Signed Plot plans 3. Signed Color Selection Sheet … highlighted for future un-chosen colors.
4. Signed Commitment to Start w/payment of the pre-construction deposit
5. Signed Sweat Equity agreement if applicable.
6. Signed Fireplace addendum if applicable.
7. Signed Document Receipt

Once the startup packet is completed the builder’s staff will be responsible for submitting your plans to engineering, trusses, mec check, the city and scanning all necessary documents in a timely manner. When the startup packet is submitted it is at engineering/MEC-check/gas lines/truss engineering/etc. for about 1 to 3 weeks and then at the city for about 2 to 6 weeks depending on the city. So this submittal startup (city) process takes 4 to 8 weeks minimum – or longer. However, during this time the buyers must choose and finalize all colors and choices on their Color Selection Sheet- so it (color Selections) should be turned in before the plans get out of the city. (For how best to choose your colors, Blog – Choosing Colors). As well during this time the staff will scan your House Plans, Plot Plan, Color Selection Sheet, Fireplace Addendum, Work Equity Addendum, photos, etc and build your Critical Path on line so everything is ready .

When your building permit is issued you are ready to start the 2nd phase of your Construction Process – the building part – and that’s where the fun and excitement starts. Should you see any problems; please call your sales representative immediately. Again, whenever you have any questions (or concerns) about any of the 3 phases of your home construction contact first your Sales Representative, then any of the Builder’s Office Staff,  or your Superintendents . We are all committed in assisting and helping your building experience to be an enjoyable one.

-Buy Build Fix Real Estate

( Insight provided by James Patterson)

Choosing Colors and Features


Choosing colors on your home can be a fun or a frustrating adventure – depending on you. The purpose of this letter is to help you make good color choices. After all, I always explain to buyers that Builders charge exactly the same price for a good looking home as an ugly home. There is no up-charge, and no discount. And so you may as well get a good looking home. Remember the colors and styles you choose will be there for you and everyone to see for the rest of your life and perhaps long after. Truly “beauty is in the eyes of the beholder” and most people can simply look at a completed home and say, “that’s a good looking home” or “that’s an ugly home.” It’s that easy. Unless you are a professional decorator and really know your colors, the only safe way to choose colors is to see a home completed with your colors. And so the best thing to do is to match as closely as possible a home you see that you really like – and that’s easy – and here’s how you do it.

1. Simply knock on their door and ask. I have helped hundreds of buyers drive up to a model home and or an existing home they want that they want to know the colors,. and ask. Most home owners are happy to assist and give them the colors They have chosen and feel it a compliment that they like the style and colors of the homes they built.

2. If the homeowner does not know the colors (of if you don’t feel bold enough to ask) then you can simply contact the specific vendor or supplier’s “Contact Person” and they will be happy to go out to the address you give them and determine as best they can the colors, styles and makes of that particular item. They are experienced enough in their field to almost always recognize immediately the colors, styles and make and even if it is provided by their competitor (and not by them) though they may show you items they have similarly, they will always tell you the manufacture, style, and color they perceive it to be. Be assured they have your interest at heart and are happy to assist you in anyway they can!

3. You can work with a professional designer and decorator who can find your taste, find your colors and work wonders. (for a minimal fee of course).

4. Even with a confirmation of the color, make and style (by a homeowner, a supplier or by a professional decorator) we strongly suggest that you still contact the specific supplier, go to their show room and look at their samples and displays to confirm correct information. As well, we strongly suggest that you request delivery addresses of that product from them (which they are happy to provide) which gives you a number of other homes using that product. It’s then you can see the completed product and be sure that you have exactly what you want as well as seeing other color combinations that you may like. I say all this, because every year I see buyers come into my office frustrated and telling me that their builder put up the wrong material/color to which I reply, “If they did, they should change it and make it right.” However, almost invariably the builder has built it correctly and they have exactly what they ordered per their Color Specification Sheet. The problem is; the buyer chose off a small sample and it looks so different when you see the larger picture. Remember, Builders should takes full responsibility to build according to your specifications, However they cannot take responsibility of improper color choices, or improper information given by a homebuyer or supplier.

One more thing when choosing colors. Choose colors you and your spouse like. There are enough colors to choose from that you can simply go with an entirely different color scheme. I say this because the last words you ever want to hear from your spouse –when the color isn’t as you perceived or wanted – is, “well honey, you chose it.” There is safety in numbers and you ought to choose together since you both have to live with it! There you have it – how to choose good colors. Choosing colors on your home can be a fun and exciting, or it can expensive and frustrating – depending on you. Remember, the colors and styles you choose will be on your house for as long as you live there and perhaps long after. They will be there for you to see every day and for everyone else to see too. The feeling you want every day that you drive home is, this is the best looking home on the block and that costs nothing! It just takes a little effort and planning to choose good color schemes. So choose right!

-Buy Build Fix Real Estate


(Content and Insight provided by James Patterson and Patterson Construction)