Building Phase (Phase 2)

The Building Phase (Phase II)

Office building with open interior on top of blueprints, documents and mortgage calculations

CONGRATULATIONS in choosing to build your new home. This phase includes the building time from the issuing of your building permit to the issuing of your occupancy permit. This is a fun and exciting time and your agent will do all we can to keep you informed and updated. In this phase you will continue to work closely with your Sales Representative and now with the builders Representative or Superintendent. But mostly, during this phase, you will simply watch and be updated and informed by your Builder and Agent. It’s IMPORTANT that you now take a moment and review your specific  Schedule, Plans, Plot Plan, Color Specification Sheet, Change Order(s), Work Equity Addendum, Fireplace Addendum, and all other Docs and Photos – as these are what the builder will be building from and which orders are already happening. SHOULD YOU SEE ANY PROBLEMS, please call Builder/your sales representative immediately.

At this point each sub-contractor has already been notified of your upcoming job, their allowable time lines and specifications. They are currently gearing up, ordering and scheduling things to see that your home is completed within the time line. HOWEVER, it is important that you realize this time line is APPROXIMATE to help avoid buyer-scheduling frustration. Expect delays to an extent.  Rescheduling is inevitable and you must understand that this is all part of the building process, the ending date rarely changes more than a couple of weeks one way or the other. That’s what you need to look at, instead of every day! But, more important than timing is for your new home to be built right! And if it takes a little longer to do it right, you’ll be glad you waited.

A GOOD HOME BUYER: If you have any questions or concerns about your new home feel free to contact your Sales Representative, any of the Office Staff, or your  Superintendents. Since building a home is a highly customized project your feedback is important to us to help meet your needs in providing the high quality of service you expect.

CHANGE ORDERS: If your home is a custom home and the builder is willing to make any changes. You must understand that any changes now may cause significant delays, costs, ripple effects, and buyer frustration. We have found that generally when mistakes are made, it is usually when there are changes made during the process. Always evaluate the change, if it is something you really want and are unsatisfied with. More than not, I have seen buyers do change orders on change orders and end up with their original color/design.

LASTLY, we hope you’ll sit back, relax and enjoy the building process of your new home because we are by your side.

– Buy Build Fix Real Estate

(content provided by James Patterson)

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